Services Offered

I provide individual, couple, group or family therapeutic services as well as psychometric assessment to individuals and organisations. I am also available for corporate speaking engagements, workshops and events.

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Individual Therapy

Seeking individual therapy may be for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: personal growth, stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, emotional challenges, trauma, loss and grief, relational difficulties, disordered eating, identity difficulties or poor coping with challenging life circumstances.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy may assist in clarifying thought and feelings related to an important relationship while moving toward resolving relationship roadblocks, deepening intimacy and connection. Therapy can help promote self-awareness and personal growth within relationships.

Family Therapy 

Every family is unique, comprised of its own dynamics and patterns of relating. When explored within a safe and accepting setting, one may move towards a deeper understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns, enhancing communication and problem-solving within the family unit.

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Group Therapy

I facilitate group therapy processes which may provide support, promote social engagement, develop social skills and enhance connection with those around us. A group process may also allow for insights into how we function as part of a larger whole.

Psychological Assessment

I provide psychological assessment services to individual and corporate clients. I have experience with neuropsychological, cognitive, emotive, projective, career guidance, subject choice and workplace assessments for recruitment, selection and professional development purposes.

Speaking Events and Corporate Workshops

Professional presentations and workshops are offered which cover a variety of mental health and wellness topics in accordance with organisational needs.